In 2015, JIANGSU YUNFAN CHEMICAL CO., LTD. invested more than 5 million yuan to upgrade the original environmental protection facilities and promote the construction of environmental protection standardization.


1. Waste gas treatment

The company insists that "waste gas is qualified by professional facilities testing and staff smelling", emiting waste gas in compliance with regulations, improving source and process control continuously, and optimizing terminal treatment facilities.

(1) Further improve the source and process control
Ensure the middle layer material and water separated, the workshop sewage pool sealed and set air inlet to lead gas to the waste gas treatment system.



(2) Improve terminal governance
Organic waste gas is treated by RTO incinerator instead of multi-stage oxidant absorption + activated carbon adsorption, which greatly improves the treatment efficiency of organic waste gas.




2. Wastewater treatment

We not only aim to qualify the waste water, but also the waste gas, and we work practically for environmental protection.

(1) Seal the raw water pool, physicochemical pool and anoxic aerobic pool comprehensively, lead the air to the waste gas treatment tower;


(2) Upgrade the anaerobic tank to anaerobic tower and improving the sewage treatment rate;



3. Hazardous wastes

Standardize the construction of hazardous waste storage yard comprehensively, implement the "Eight Prevention Measures"—seal signs and storage yard completely, ensure the indoor ground is hardened and anticorrosive, set the diversion ditch and the eye-washing and spraying device;



4. Rainwater drainage

In the production area, rainwater around the workshop flow in open pipes.The rainwater outlets are monitored online with COD device, the videos are opened to the public and the environmental protection department for supervision.