YIFAN BIO-TECH was awarded the Promising Enterprise and Recommended Suppliers at "8th CAC Awards"

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the 21st China International Agrochemicals & Crop Protection Exhibition (CAC2020) will be postponed to March 3-5, 2021 and held jointly with CAC2021. On June 10, the CAC organizing committee grandly released the list of winners of the 8th CAC Awards online, including 2019 Top20 Chinese Pesticide Exporters, 2019 Overseas Market Expansion Award, 2019 Promising Enterprise, CAC Fertilizer Enterprises with International Influence Brands, Excellent Fertilizer Exporters and CAC Recommended Suppliers 2020.


Since the launch of the application, the selection activity has been vigorously supported and actively applied by the enterprises in the industry. After several rounds of selection, YIFAN BIO-TECH was awarded two honors: 2019 Promising Enterprise and CAC Recommended Suppliers 2020, which is the recognition and support of the industry for its excellent performance. As a leading agricultural and chemical supplier in China, YIFAN BIO-TECH will continue to maintain its advantages, implement the principle of “customer first”, and wholeheartedly provide first-class services.