YIFAN on the list of 2020 TOP50 Exporting Companies of China Agrochemical

On May 19, at the 8th China Plant Protection Products International Trade Development Forum in Guiyang, Guizhou, the International Trade Committee of China Pesticide Industry Association released the Top 50 list of China's pesticide exports in 2020, and YIFAN ranked 43rd in the list.



Li Zhonghua, Executive Vice President and Secretary General of China Crop Protection Industry Association, Xu Hui, General Manager of Shandong Sino-Agri Union Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Yin Lin, General Manager of Hunan Hailir Pesticides and Chemicals Group Co., Ltd., and Guo Wei, Deputy Secretary General of China Crop Protection Industry Association presented awards to the representatives of the winning enterprises.



The complete list is as follows:



In 2007, YIFAN BIOTECHNOLOGY GROUP established Wenzhou Intercontinental Trading Co., Ltd. and began to build its own export team. After 14 years of cultivation, YIFAN's self-operated export business has made great progress. Together with indirect export business, YIFAN supplies products and services to foreign customers.


In recent years, with the development of domestic safety and environmental protection situation, YIFAN has implemented a lot of measures to stabilize the supply, and has been recognized by international customers.

  • Invest in new production bases in the west China to produce important products in multiple locations, reducing the risk of supply disruptions caused by production stoppings in a single producing plant;
  • Increase investment in environmental protection, continue to improve environmental protection facilities in Jiangsu base, so that the old factory can meet the new requirements of three wastes treatment, and provide guarantee for stable production; Ningxia base three waste treatment facilities construction completed in one step, facilities in the pesticide industry at an advanced level;
  • Safety management based on process and automatic control to reduce the risk of safety accidents from the source;
  • The key intermediates of the main products are self-produced, which is conducive to the control of the cost and quality of the active ingredient, and also reduces the risk of the supply chain;
  • The factory implements strict compliance management, complete procedures in the project, and owns complete production certificate.


In addition to ensuring a stable supply, YIFAN also attaches great importance to the identification and satisfaction of customers' multiple needs.

Established Shanghai Nongfan and Marketing Department in 2016 to introduce excellent marketing talents and provide high quality services for customers;

• Develop and improve products based on customer needs;

Increased investment in overseas product registration and downstream formulation development to meet customers' needs for diversity and convenience;

• Constantly introduce new products, help customers to introduce new products in the target trial production, and grow together with customers.


In the future, YIFAN will continue to play the advantages of Made in China, adhere to the positioning of the manufacturer, and cooperate with domestic and foreign customers to contribute to the stable supply of plant protection products in the world.