YIFAN ranks 31st! 2020 TOP 100 China Pesticide Sales Released

On June 10, Qingdao, Shandong, the 2020 TOP 100 China Pesticide Sales was grandly announced at the 7th Pesticide Industry Economic Operation Analysis Conference and Pesticide Industry Ranking List Press Conference. YIFAN ranks 31st in the 2020 TOP 100 China Pesticide Sales with a sales revenue of 1.65 billion, adding another footnote to the company's strong strength. Chairman Sun Shubao of the ChinaCrop Protection Industry Association, investigator Huang Hui of the Department of Crop Production of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Vice President Li Bin of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, and Deputy Director Yan Duanxiang of the Pesticide Inspection Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, presented awards to the representatives of the winning companies.



2019 has been a year of dramatic changes in the pesticide industry. China's pesticide industry has withstood many risks and complex challenges, including the trade war between China and the United States, exchange rate fluctuations, and economic downturn. The merger and integration of agricultural and chemical enterprises at home and abroad has accelerated, and resources and advantages have become more concentrated. The implementation of various pesticide new policies and environmental protection safety storms have increased the pressure on environmental protection and safety of enterprises.


In the situation of the industry reform, YIFAN always keeps the upward trend, facing risks and pressure bravely, making unremitting efforts and had reached a satisfactory result again.