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Difenoconazole 96% TC
【Name】Difenoconazole 96% TC
【Product details】

ICAMA No. PD20094670 

Product name: Difenoconazole 
English name: Difenoconazole
Chemical name: Cis,Trans-3-Chloro-4-[4-Methyl-2-(1h-1,2,4-Triazole-1-Methyl)-1,3-Dioxylpentane-2-] Phenyl-4-Chlorophenyl Ether 
Molecular formula: C19H17Cl2N3O3
Molecular weight: 406.3
CAS: 119446-68-3

Physical and chemical properties: Pure product is colorless crystal and industrial product is light yellow powder; relative density 1.40(20℃) M.p.78.6℃ V.p.3.3×10-5mPa(25℃) Solubility In water 15mg/l(25℃).In ethanol 330, acetone 610, toluene 490 n-hexane3.4, n-octanol 95(all in g/l,25℃).Stability stable up to 150℃. Hydrolytically stable.
To use: Difenoconazole is triazole fungicide with systemic translocation. It is broad-spectrum bactericidal agent. It can promote yield and quality of crops for leaf and seed processing. It has lasting protection and curative activity on Eurotiales, Basidiomycetes, Guignardia, Ramularia, Fusicladium and etc.

Product specification:  
Appearance: light yellow powder
Dosage form: 96% difenoconazole TC, 25% difenoconazole EC, 10% difenoconazole WDG
Packaging: 96% difenoconazole TC, 10% difenoconazole WDG uses 25kg fiber can or woven bag lined with plastic bag; 25% difenoconazole EC uses 200L iron drum (560X890mm) with inner coating of PVF