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Picoxystrobin 97% TC
【Name】Picoxystrobin 97% TC
【Product details】
ICAMA No. PD20180751
Product Name: Picoxystrobin
CAS: 117428-22-5
MF: C18H16F3NO4
MW: 367.32
Description: Picoxystrobin, as a kind of Strobilurin analogues, is a kind of fungicide. It can be used for control of many kinds of fungal diseases such as yellow, brown, crown rusts, powdery mildew, and sooty mold, net and leaf blotch as well as tan spot occurring on cereal crops such as wheat, barley and oats and rye. It takes effect through inhibiting the electron transfer in mitochondria, further inhibiting the fungal respiration, disrupting metabolism and stopping the growth of the related fungi. It has both preventative and curative properties. It can be used either as a single fungicide or in combination with other fungicides such as Cyproconazole and cyprodinil.
Uses: Picoxystrobin is an methoxyacrylate strobilurin fungicide designed for the control of wide range of cereal diseases.
Definition ChEBI: An enoate ester that is the methyl ester of (2E)-3-methoxy-2-[2-({[6-(trifluoromethyl)pyridin-2-yl]oxy}methyl)phenyl]prop-2-enoic acid. A cereal fungicide used to control a wide range of diseases including brown rust, tan spot, powdery mi dew and net blotch.