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Diclofop-Methyl 97% TC
【Name】Diclofop-Methyl 97% TC
【Product details】

ICAMA No. PD20070016 

Product name: Diclofop-methyl 
English name: Diclofop-methyl 
Chemical name: 2-(4-(2',4'-Dichlophenoxy) phenoxy) methylpropanoate 
Molecular formula: C16H14CI2O4
CAS: 51338-27-3

Physical and chemical properties: Pure product is earth yellow crystal solid; relative density 1.30(40℃); melting point39-41; vapor pressure 5mPa; 20℃ water solubility 0.8mg/l(pH5.7, 20℃); 20℃ solubility in acetone, dichloroethane, dimethyl sulfone and methyl alcohol >500g/L; 20℃ polyethylene glycol 148g/L, methyl alcohol 120g/L, isopropyl alcohol 51g/L

To use: It is systemic herbicide being absorbed by root and leaf. It is efficient on annually grassy weed. It is safe on most dicotyledon plants except of cotton.

Product specification:
Appearance: earthy yellow solid
Dosage form: 28% diclofop-methyl EC、36% diclofop-methyl EC、97% diclofop-methyl TC;
97% diclofop-methyl TC uses 250kg/iron drum (560X890mm) with inner coating of PVF
28%, 36% diclofop-methyl uses 250L/iron drum (560X890mm) with inner coating of PVF