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Tralkoxydim 97% TC
【Name】Tralkoxydim 97% TC
【Product details】
ICAMA No. PD20121833 
Product Name: Tralkoxydim
CAS: 87820-88-0
MF: C20H27NO3
MW: 329.43
Physical and Chemical Properties:
Appearance: White tasteless crystalline solid
Melting Point: 106℃
Saturated Vapor Pressure: 4×10-7Pa (<0.013×10-3Pa 20℃)
Solubility: 4×10-7Pa (<0.013×10-3Pa 20℃) in dichloromethane at 24℃, 213g/L in methylbenzene at 24℃, 110g/L in ethyl acetate at 24℃, 89g/L in acetone at 24℃, 25g/L in methanol at 24℃, 18g/L in hexane at 24℃.
6mg/L (pH=6.5) and 5mg/L (pH=5.0) in water at 20℃
P.O. acute toxicity: LD50=1324mg/kg for male rats, LD50=934mg/kg for female rats,  LD50=1321mg/kg for male mice, LD50=1100mg/kg for female mice, LD50>519mg/kg for rabbits. 
Non-effect dose for rats in three-month feed test is 12.5mg/kg. LD50=3020mg/kg for mallard, LD50=4430mg/kg for partridge.
Acute percutaneous toxicity: LD50>2000mg/kg for male and female rats.
Acute inhalation toxicity: LC50>3467mg/m3 for male and female rats.
It has mild irritation on eyes and skin. No allergic effect on cavy.
No teratogenesis effect has been observed yet.
LC50>7.2mg/L (96h) for rainbow trout, LC50>8.2mg/L (96h) for Cyprinus carpio var.
Application: Tralkoxydim is a kind of highly selective herbicide with inward absorption and conduction ability. It’s used on a variety of graminaceous weeds in barley and wheat fields. It is rapidly absorbed and transferred throughout all parts of the weeds after foliar spray. The weeds will soon turn pale and wither. The general dosage is 150~350g effective constituent/hm2 . 200~350g effective constituent /hm2 of tralkoxydim applied from early growth period to elongation stage will be effective on the prevention and control of wild oat weeds.
Uses: Post-emergent herbicide.
Agricultural Uses: Herbicide: Tralkoxydim is a post-emergent herbicide applied to actively growing weeds in wheat, barley, triticale and cereal rye to control wild oats, green foxtail, yellow foxtail, annual ryegrass and Persian darnel. Registered for use in EU countries. Registered for use in the U.S.